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I grew up in Paris.
After high school, I chose to study architecture. Thanks to these studies, I was able to travel through Europe, and mainly to Spain and Italy.
Discovering new horizons, new histories, increased my desire to discover more. I used to stride along the cities and their district for hours, discovering the enjoyment of photographing lights, details, architectures.

After getting the degree, I decided to go further away, to Eastern side of the World, seeking different cultures, different ways of life. Once again, architecture was guiding me. Keen to know more about natural and traditional constructions, I arrived to Auroville, an utopian city in Tamil Nadu, India.

Therefore, I discovered India. Its sublime chaos put a spell on me. The nonchalance, the spirituality, the effervescence of this indian world thrilled me.

I enjoy travelling and I believe in a travel that I would not call tourism but which aims to contact, to exchange, a travel which requires time, interest, curiosity ; Time ...
Thus, images can report a truer testimony of these worlds, miles away from our western daily life.
Still, I wish to travel, in France, in India, elsewhere, for architecture, for encounters, for photography.

Pictures I take are moments, lights, scenes of life that stop us sometimes to gaze and admire the beauty of the Universe.

Julie Maman.